About Us

We are a company of 100% Mexican capital. Our operation is initiated with the purchase of the business of printing and finishing from Indra, who provided these services under the name of Azertia Information Technologies Mexico, the result is more than 15 years of experience consolidated as the most important supplier in the segment of business process outsourcing (BPO) in Mexico offering a wide range of services to both the industry and financial sector. Our vision of the BPO service is to be the partner of reference of our customers for the development of initiatives of value in the field of outsourcing of its business processes. Our orientation is totally toward the service achieving the total satisfaction of the customer. Likewise, we orient our processes and implementation, to the strategic vision of our contractor.


Maintain the commitment and service to our customers as the reason for being of our company. Productivity, Efficiency and the quality of our work are the pillars that allow us to deliver our production or service and to meet the expectations of our customers.


Be an Organization that transforms lives positively, through the communication and the open innovation with all the people we serve. That the quality of service given to our customers is transformed into a benchmark of our organization, to the degree that the client always prefer us. That all of us working in this organization use all the resources efficiently and achieve the best productivity to stay in the market.

Quality Policy

Coltomex has implemented a Quality Management System, which works as a strategic tool to ensure that our products and services meet the customers’ expectations. Our Quality system also works as a platform for continuous improvement for our processes, products, services and the life of the people who work here. We all participated with passion, accountability and honesty, among other values, with the purpose that the quality system is efficient and contribute substantially in the productivity of our Organization.

Security Policy

Coltomex, in its operational centers in Vallejo, Saturno and Monterrey, operates with an Information Security Management System, which protects the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive information, which is provided by ours customers for its operation; with a risk valuation and identification strategy. The Information Security Management System has as a commitment with the business continuity and continuous improvement through a technological structure and human methodology; to achieve the expectations of the clients. Likewise, the fulfilment of the legal requirements that apply. All the staff that directly and indirectly collaborate in Coltomex are governed by controls, procedures, manuals, press releases and laws or regulations that apply, in order that the security system is implemented and to ensure the information protection.